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RXN Rubber Medicine Ball with high Bounce Effect – Blue

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Product Description

Made from an extra thick and durable Rubber material. The non slip rubber surface ensures a firm hold even with rapid/dynamic ranges of motion (power, endurance training) during exercise
The Rxn Medicine Ball is ideal for everything from wall ball throws to traditional trunk twists, squats, sit-ups and presses to improve endurance, explosiveness and core strength. Functional fitness training – dynamic movement to becoming the entire body support sets training at fit and a durchtrainierte figure is on
Effect – the training is that it from all over body exercise, the functional interaction of the muscles. The body teaches also as functional unit to move. Explosiveness/speed strength
Helps develop core strength, balance, and coordination, Sturdy rubber construction.
Can bounce off hard surfaces, Textured finish provides a superior grip.
Material: Rubber


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